DIS-CONTINUOUS UNITY Architecture of YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U

みなでつくる方法 吉阪隆正+U研究室の建築

Architecture of YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U

December 3 thu. 2015 – March 13 sun. 2016
Closed December 13 sun., and December 29 tue. – January 3 sun.
Open hours 10:00 – 16:30



After finishing his studies in the fields of housing and the research into traditional East Asian houses at Waseda University, in 1950 YOSHIZAKA Takamasa (1917-1980) went to Paris to work at Le Corbusier’s atelier for two years.

Upon returning to Japan, he established the Atelier YOSIZAKA Takamasa (renamed “Atelier U” in 1964). All of their designs of private residences, school, governmental and other public buildings, as well as work in the realm of town planning, reflected the atelier’s questioning stance toward the position of architecture in society. The concept of “DISCONT”, an abbreviation for “Discontinuous Unity”,is the fundamental idea behind YOSIZAKA’s philosophy in terms of individual and collective organization, formative design, and design methods. It is at once a principle that reflects the thematic root of this exhibition.

Displayed in this exhibition are plans, sketches, texts and photographs that document the process of creating shapes through a dialogues between “language” and “form”. While walking around actual drafting tables, furniture, architectural fittings and other objects, visitors can experience the generation of architecture as realized in collaboration between several people of great individuality.






02 Foreword

04 In Search of Methods for Creating as a Discontinuous Unity – The Architecture of YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U written by NAKATANI Norihito


07 Part1 From a leaf to an Umbrella – House

10 Houses written by UEDA Makoto


17 Part2 From Words to Forms, From Forms to Words – Form

18 Forms written by FUJIMORI Terunobu


31 Part3 DISCONT – Organization

34 Discontinuous Unity written by SUZUKI Makoto


41 Part4 the Fifth Dart – Civilization

48 Forms of Japan and the World in the Twenty-First Century – A Question of Perspective written by TONUMA Koichi

50 On the YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U Architectural Fonds written by YAMANA Yoshiyuki


53 Chronology:Atelier U Members and Archived Project Items

54 Chronology :YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U




National Archives of Modern Architecture, Agency for Cultural Affairs 4‐6‐15 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo



There are two ways to enter the National Archives of Modern Architecture.


To view only the exhibition (possible only on weekdays):
Please enter via the main gate of the Yushima
Local Common Government Offices (Admission: Free).


To view both the exhibition and Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens:
Please enter via the Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens
(Admission: 400 yen).