YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U Architectural Drawings

The content of these materials can be divided broadly into two categories. One is materials up to 1954, before establishing YOSIZAKA Studio (later becoming Atelier U), including drawing materials that are assumed to be prepared in the office of Le Corbusier. Another is materials from 1954, when the Studio was established, to 1980, when YOSIZAKA died. These are made up of drawings (about 8,100 items) and documents (about 50 items).


YOSIZAKA Takamasa spent his childhood and adolescence in various regions, including Tokyo and overseas. He entered the Department of Architecture, Waseda University 1938 and studied under KON Wajiro. He graduated from the Department of Architecture, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, in 1941. In the same year, he assumed the position of assistant instructor at Waseda University. He responded to a call for military service from 1942 to 1945. He went to France from 1950 to 1952 and worked at the office of Le Corbusier. In 1954, he established YOSIZAKA Studio (later becoming Atelier U) and started design activities. He became a professor at Waseda University in 1959.

Major Works

  • 1955 Yoshizaka House
    Ura House
  • 1956 Japan Pavilion, Venice Biennale
    Villa Coucou
  • 1957 Kaisei High School
  • 1958 La Maison Franco-Japonaise
  • 1958-63  Kureha Junior High School
  • 1959 Gotsu City Hall
    Congo Léopoldville Culture Center Competition
  • 1959-1968 Kasawa Hyutte
  • 1960-81 Athénée Français
  • 1963-1976 Inter-University Seminar House
  • 1965-67 Oshima Project
  • 1970 Hakone International Tourist Center Competition
  • 1973 Atlier U

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Le Corbusier and Japan With a Focus on the Three Apprentices who Built the National Museum of Western Art, 2015
    Contents Yoshizaka House, Japan Pavilion, Venice Biennale
  • DISCONTINUOUS UNITY Architecture of YOSIZAKA Takamasa + Atelier U, 2015
  • Recent Acquisitions and Collection Highlights 2017
    Contents Japan Pavilion, Venice Biennale
  • Collection Showcase 2018 From Architecture to Urbanism 1945-1970 Perspectives on Urban Design in the Postwar Era
    Contents Oshima Project
  • Museums by Japanese Architects 1940s -1980s: Origins and Trajectories, 2020
    Contents Japan Pavilion, Venice Biennale
  • Designing Home: Masterpiece Houses from NAMA’s Collection 1940-1975, 2021
    Contents Yoshizaka House