TAKAHASHI Teiichi and Daiichi-Kobo Associates Archive

The archives comprise architectural design drawings and documents (about 30,000 items), photographs, and sketches prepared at Daiichi-Kobo. They include materials during the period from the inauguration of Daiichi-Kobo to just before the dissolution of the office. In addition to materials for the competition of Osaka University of Arts, his representative work, and construction drawings, there are also design drawings/documents and sketches for the series of architectural works from the 1960s (such as Saga Prefectural Museum) to the works in his later years, as well photographs, pamphlets, and company records.


TAKAHASHI Teiichi graduated from the Department of Architecture, the second Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo in 1949. After graduation, he worked at the Design Division, Building and Repairs Department, Ministry of Communications until 1956. He became an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture, Musashi Institute of Technology in 1956. He established Daiichi-Kobo Associates in 1960. He became a professor at Osaka University of Arts in 1967. After retirement, he became a professor emeritus at the Osaka University of Arts.

Major Works

  • 1962 Takagaki House
  • 1962 Saga Prefectural Library
  • 1964 1st Prize, Naniwa University of Arts,Design Competition
  • 1970 Saga Prefectural Museum
  • 1972 Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library
  • 1981 Osaka University of Arts, Hideyo Tsukamoto Memorial Hall and Art Center
  • 1983 Magazine House, Ltd. Head Office
  • 1985 Magazine House, Ltd. Head Office
  • 1987 Urasoe Civic Gymnasium
  • 1991 Library, Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • 1995 Zenrosai Computer Center
  • 1997 Kumamoto Dome
  • 2000 Seismic Free System 21
  • 2001 Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayash

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Designing Home : Masterpiece Houses from NAMA’s Collection 1940-1975, 2021
    Contents Takagaki House.