TANGE Kenzo Microfilms Archive from Tange Associates

These are the microfilm data of about 15,000 drawings, etc. In addition to drawings for famous works, including the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Totsuka Country Club House, Yoyogi National Gymnasium, and Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center, there are also works from overseas projects, including Kuwait Sports Center and National Sports Complex in Singapore. There are not only design drawings but also many works, including working drawings and building service drawings. They are precious materials with a strong potential for being helpful in studies not restricted to the design perspective. In addition to drawing materials for architectural works by TANGE Kenzo, there are also copies of his collection of works and copies of drawings of reference works by other design offices.


TANGE Kenzo graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Tokyo Imperial University in 1938 and joined Mayekawa Kunio Associates, Architects & Engineers. He became an assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering 1 of the University of Tokyo in 1946. He established Kenzo Tange and URTEC in 1961. He became a professor at the Department of Urban Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo. He became a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and established Tange Studio in 1974.

Major Works

  • 1942 The Great East Asia Memorial Competition
  • 1952 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum
  • 1953 Tange House in Seijo
  • 1957 Sumi Memorial Hall
  • 1957 The Former Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
  • 1958 Kagawa Prefectural Government Office
  • 1960 A Plaln for Tokyo 1960
  • 1960  Headquarters Building for The World Health Organization
  • 1964 Yoyogi Natinal Gmnasium
    St. Mary’s Cathedral
  • 1966 Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center
  • 1967 Former Dentsu Headquarters Building
  • 1970 Master Plan for Expo’70 (Infrastructure and Festival Plaza)
  • 1972 National Sports Complex Singapore
  • 1979 Kuwait International Airport
  • 1991 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Le Corbusier and Japan With a Focus on the Three Apprentices who Built the National Museum of Western Art, 2015
    Contents Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Basic Development Plan.
  • TANGE KENZO 1938-1970 From Pre-war period to Olympic Games and World Expo, 2021
    Contents Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center, The Kuwait Sports Centre project, Memorial Plaza for Student Who perished in the War.