MAYEKAWA Kunio Archive

These archives comprise architectural design drawings/documents and photographs prepared at Mayekawa Kunio Associates, Architects & Engineers and Mayekawa Associates, Architects & Engineers (1976-). Materials are classified roughly into the following two categories: (1) company records (copy of written contracts for construction works), and (2) project records (architectural design drawings and documents, sketches, specification documents, photographs of construction work, photographs of the completion of constructions, etc.). The archives contain about 5,800 drawings (original) mainly for demolished or planned projects and many applications for famous design competitions in Japan and abroad, such as the Supreme Court of Japan, Vienna International Centre, and Centre Pompidou.


MAYEKAWA Kunio graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering of the Tokyo Imperial University in 1928. In the same year, he joined the office of Le Corbusier. After returning to Japan in 1930, he joined Raymond Architectural Design Office. He established Mayekawa Kunio Associates, Architects & Engineers in 1935.

Major Works

  • 1931 Entry for Competition to Design Imperial Household Museum
  • 1934 Kimura Industrial Research Center
  • 1941 Hua Hsing Commercial Bank Shanghai Domitories
  • 1942 Mayekawa House
  • 1946 PREMOS:Prefablicated Housing
  • 1947 Kinokuniya Bookstore
  • 1954 Kanagawa Prefectural Library and Music Hall
  • 1958 Harumi High-Rise Apartment
  • 1961 Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall
  • 1971 Saitama Prefectural Museum
  • 1974 Tokio Matine Building
  • 1975 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Meseum
  • 1977 Kumamoto Prefectral Meseum of Art
  • 1979 The National Museum of West Art, New Wing
  • 1986 National Diet Library Annex

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Le Corbusier and Japan With a Focus on the Three Apprentices who Built the National Museum of Western Art, 2015
    Contents Hua Hsing Commercial Bank Shanghai Domitories, Harumi High-Rise Apartment, New York World’s Fair Japan Pavilion.
  • Designing Home : Masterpiece Houses from NAMA’s Collection 1940-1975, 2021
    Contents Hua Hsing Commercial Bank Shanghai Domitories, PREMOS:Prefablicated Housing, NHK Fujimigaoka Club House.