Yoshida Tstsuro Archive

After graduating from the Department of Architecture of Tokyo Imperial University in 1919, YOSHIDA Tetsuro joined the Building and Repairs Section, the Finance Bureau at Ministry of Communications. He retired from the Ministry of Communications in 1944. In 1946, he became a professor at Nihon University. He designed many buildings for the Ministry of Communications, including the Kyoto Central Post Office, Tokyo Central Post Office, and Osaka Central Post Office. He also left various works, including facilities like Beppu City Public Hall, residential architecture, and plans for the competition. He was also active in various other areas, such as publishing books in German and translating works by Bruno Taut.


The archive is comprised of more than 2,000 architectural design drawings. It includes YOSHIDA’s works from his student days (until 1919) up to Mimatsu Shobo (1953), the work in his final years, and the works he was engaged in as an official of the Ministry of Communications. YOSHIDA contributed to the progress of modern architecture in Japan before World War II, and this is a precious material that shows his public and private activities and the thoughts behind his designs.

Major Works

  • 1925 Entry for Competition to Design a Memorial to the Great Kanto Earthquake
  • 1926 Kyoto Central Telephone Office
  • 1928 Beppu City Public Hall (Current Beppu Central Community Center)
    Baba House in Ushigome
    Baba Villa in Nasu
    Kuchiki Family’s Shoka-so Villa
  • 1931 Osaka Higashi Post Office
    Tokyo Central Post Office
  • 1937 Baba Kunihiko House
    Baba Villa in Karasuyama
  • 1939 Osaka Central Post Office
    Entry for Competition to Design Chureito Memorials to War Dead
  • 1940 Baba Villa in Atami
  • 1952 Design Proposal for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Yoshida Tetsuro: Bridging Modernism and Tradition, 2019