KISHIDA Hideto Collection

The collection comprises architectural design drawings by KISHIDA and his materials. The drawings consist of about 80 items drawn from 1950 to 1963. The latter includes a diary documenting his travel in Western countries (1925), negative films of overseas travel, including the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin (around the period from 1937 to 1939), a diary containing a review of the Olympics (1960), and his collection of books, including his works. The drawings are all digitalized.


KISHIDA Hideto graduated from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering of Tokyo Imperial University in 1922 (his graduation work was “Plan on Prison Architecture”). In the same year, he started working in the Building and Repairs Division of Tokyo Imperial University and became an assistant professor in 1925.From November 1925 to October 1926, he traveled on duty to Europe and the U.S. He received a doctoral degree in engineering with his “Modern Architectural History in Europe” thesis in 1929 and became a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University. MAYEKAWA Kunio and TANGE Kenzo are his disciples. He visited Germany from June to October 1936, where he observed the Summer Olympics in Berlin. In 1959, he became a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and took office as the Special Committee on Facilities Chair for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Major Works

  • 1925 Yasuda Auditorium, the University of Tokyo
  • 1928 Main Library, the University of Tokyo
  • 1934 Musashino Country Club Clubhouse
  • 1937 Tombstone of Professor TSUKAMOTO Yasushi
  • 1939 Japan Pavilion, New York Expo 1939
  • 1951 Imperial Palace Outer Garden Rest Hous
  • 1953 Seihu Temple
  • 1955 Yugawara Country Club Clubhouse
  • 1957 Yumoto Hachimancho Golf Course
  • 1959 Yamanaka Vill
  • 1960 Toda Country Clubhouse
    Residence for Speaker of the House of Representative
    Hongwanji Tsumura Betsuin
  • 1962 Kochi Prefectural Government Main Building
  • 1966 Kyuutoshoguuhomotsuka

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Designing Home : Masterpiece Houses from NAMA’s Collection 1940-1975, 2021
    Contents Residence for Chaiman of the House of Representatives.
  • Kodomonokuni:Children’s Land -Nature, Future and Metabolism Architecture [Concurrent exhibition] NAMA’s Recent Collections, 2022
    Contents Hongwanji Tsumura Betsuin, Camera from KISHIDA’s Former Collection (Leica Ⅲa)