OTAKA Masato Archive

The archive is comprehensive materials on architecture and urban design projects engaged in by the OTAKA Architectural Design Office (from 1962 to 2010). In addition to the architectural drawings in general (about 35,000 items), the collection also includes many reports on urban design and public works that OTAKA was involved in (about 1,000 items). Not only original drawings of the completion of constructions, but also materials such as booklets of blueprints prepared in the design process, reduced editions of drawings of the completion of constructions, and photograph albums are neatly sorted.

OTAKA Masato

After graduating from the second Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo in 1947, OTAKA Masato joined Mayekawa Kunio Associates, Architects & Engineers in 1949 and was engaged in the design of significant works at the office for more than ten years. He joined the World Design Conference in 1960 as a member of the Metabolism Group. He established OTAKA Architectural Design Office in 1962. He led the architectural industry, government, and public corporations not only in architecture but also in the area of urban design. He contributed to the planning and development of Tama New Town and Yokohama Minato Mirai.

Major Works

(*:Mayekawa Kunio Associates, Architects &Engineers)

  • 1958 Harumi High-Rise Apartment*
  • 1960 Shinjuku Subcenter Project(with MAKI Fumihiko)
  • 1961 Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall*
  • 1963 Entry for Kyoto International Conference Center Competition
    Murai Gakuen Bldg. 1
  • 1964 Office & Hall of ALL JAPAN Seaman’s Union
  • 1967 Chiba Prefectural Culture Centre
  • 1968 Sakaide Artificial Ground
    Chiba Prefectural Central Library
  • 1969 Hiroshima Motomachi Apartment
  • 1972 Chiba Prefectural Art Museum
  • 1979 Yokohama City Center Waterfront Redevelopment Project [Minato Mirai 21]
  • 1980 Doho Park Gymnasium
  • 1984 Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art
  • 2003 Miharu Community Center/Mahora Hall

Past Exhibitions in NAMA

  • Uniting Architecture and Society : The Approach of OTAKA Masato, 2016
  • Recent Acquisitions and Collection Highlights 2017, 2017
    Contents Kataoka Agricultural Cooperative Building (1962), Goshomi Agricultural Cooperative Building (1964), Hanaizumi Agricultural Cooperative Building (1965), Yamauchi Agricultural Cooperative Building (1966), Niihama Agricultural Cooperative Building (1967), Nangocho Agricultural Cooperative Building (1968), Shizuoka Agricultural Cooperative Center (1970).
  • Collection Showcase 2018 From Architecture to Urbanism 1945-1970 : Perspectives on Urban Design in the Postwar Era, 2018
    Contents Chiba Forst of Culture (1965), Ube Tokiwa Park (1961)
  • Museums by Japanese Architects 1940s -1980s: Origins and Trajectories, 2020
    Contents Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art (1974), Gunma Prefectural Museum of History (1979)
  • Designing Home : Masterpiece Houses from NAMA’s Collection 1940-1975, 2021
    Contents Sakaide Artificial Ground (1968)
  • Kodomonokuni:Children’s Land -Nature, Future and Metabolism Architecture [Concurrent exhibition] NAMA’s Recent Collections, 2022
    Contents Children’s Hostel (1964)